Walking For Fitness

Many people who come to us do so because they want to walk more. They may have difficulty walking because of postural pain, disability, lung capacity or circulatory problems. Often, they will say: “My Doctor says I need to walk for my heart” or “My dog’s putting on too much weight and so am I”.

Since our primary goal is to improve activity levels, we always have input. With a bit of history, we can usually figure out how to get you moving more comfortably. Although the tangible parts (footwear, socks, and orthotics) are important, sometimes the biggest “stumbling block” is motivation. “My balance is poor, and I am afraid of falling”. “I can only walk so far, and I am exhausted (or in pain – or both)”.

In our community, there are plenty of fitness resources to help you, whatever your age.

These days, there are many therapists who specialize in movement and balance and can help guide you to better fitness. These “bodyworkers” are always happy to advise you on exercise and pain relief. The starting point is not “I want to be healthier” but “I am going to be healthier”. Here are a few considerations.

Balance – More stable shoes with soles that are proper for the surfaces you walk on. Warm-up stretching geared to make you more aware of where your deficiencies in balance are. Nordic walking poles or a cane if necessary.

Pain – Better footwear, graduated exercise and stretching, Physiotherapy or massage therapy, balanced foot orthotics.

Conditioning – This is a self-fulfilling thing. Once you get started, your conditioning will improve, and you will feel stronger and clearer, and if you are not able to eradicate pain, at least come to terms with it.

So, talk to the Doc. Your doctor should be able to point you in the right direction; the rest is in your hands (or feet). Get out and smell the roses. It will do you a world of good.

Posted in , on October 16, 2023