Our Story

The story of Thera-Ped Foot & Ankle Clinic wouldn't be what it is without Terry Trask. Terry has been working in the field of Pedorthics for over 40 years. He grew up on the West side of Saint John and after high school moved to British Colombia. There he found his passion for leather work and began apprenticing with Viberg Boot Limited making custom logging boots. He moved back East in 1979 and worked for A.R Menzies and Sons in Fredericton, making custom footwear and orthotics. This is where he met his wife Cindy Menzies.

They decided to move back to Saint John, and after meeting some like-minded individuals, started Thera-Ped in 1985. He received his technical certification from Ball State University in 1984 and did a U.S Clinical certification at N.Y.U. in 1986. He completed his Canadian certification in 1991 and played an integral role in the development of the Pedorthic Association of Canada, sitting on the board and acting as director from 1982-1993.

Over the years, he has trained numerous Pedorthists and held seminars and information sessions for allied health & foot care practitioners. He is still practicing and training new pedorthists at Thera-Ped Foot & Ankle Clinic in Saint John, and offers a clinic in Fredericton and Sussex. His areas of specialty in ambulation enhancement deal with rheumatic disease, diabetes, post traumatic injury, neuro-muscular, musculo-skeletal and neuro-somatic disorders.

Thera-Ped Foot & Ankle Clinic has remained a center for orthotic therapy and the staff works closely with the medical and para-medical community to dispense quality foot orthotics, orthopaedic footwear, footwear modifications and repairs, and compression stockings. To this day, Thera-Ped Foot & Ankle Clinic remains a family business with Terry at the helm with his son & daughter, Tom & Lesleigh, amongst the rest of the staff.

Terry Trask
thera-ped foot and ankle clinic street view from lansdowne avenue

Our Motivation and Mission

At Thera-Ped Foot & Ankle Clinic, we pride ourselves on being a busy Pedorthic clinic with a network of independent associates who are as passionate as we are about posture and Orthopaedic care. Our mission is to provide our clients with the highest quality retail and custom-made footwear, orthotics, and other products that will help them achieve and maintain optimal posture and foot health.

At our facility, we provide custom-made foot orthotics, footwear, and footwear modifications such as lifts, wedges, flares, rocker soles and upper modifications, as well as custom toe spacers. We also dispense high-quality retail orthopedic and comfort footwear, over-the-counter foot and ankle braces, and specialty stockings such as compression, diabetic and sports stockings.