Custom Orthotics

Foot orthoses are prescribed by Physicians and are dispensed by allied healthcare professionals like Pedorthists. With a Doctor’s Referral, the Pedorthist will evaluate, design, and make such appliances based on case history, palpation exam, gait analysis, biomechanical assessment, and 3-dimensional molds of the patient’s feet.

The cast or mold of the foot is central to the success of the device. There are several methods for taking the cast (we use plaster casting) but the principal is to record the foot in as close to a neutral position as possible, and by adding functional elements, to maintain the foot in the best position for efficient movement.

Thera-Ped technician handcrafting custom orthotics.

The Pedorthist will select these features based on the patient’s age, activity level, body mass, and other health factors. Measurements determine the corrections to be included in the appliances. At Thera-Ped, we handcraft your custom orthotics in our Saint John facility using one or more materials laminated and molded over the modified cast of the patient’s foot.

Orthotics can be functional, accommodative, or a blend of both. Functional orthotics tend to be firm to rigid and made of materials such as carbon fibre or high-density polymers. Accommodative orthotics are made from medical grade expanded foams of various densities and may include elements of support (metatarsal pads) or cushion to help redistribute forces or relieve pressure areas. Blended orthotics, which are the kind we make most often, incorporate features from both.