Foot Smart At Work

The Most Important Tool in Your Kit

If you are a contractor, home renovator or casual, do it yourselfer the most important tool that you have is your physical well-being. When doing construction projects, a part of your body especially susceptible to injury or abuse is your feet. We take it for granted that the tools we use are what gets the job done but often don’t realize that our feet are essential to using those tools safely and efficiently.

Sturdy work boots, especially CSA-approved class 1, are better protection than ordinary shoes or sneakers, whether from punctures, dropped objects or falls. When working on ladders or steps, a steel sole plate will distribute your weight and cause less stress to the arches. If you experience foot pain or fatigue, a good-quality cushioned liner or arch support is probably a good idea. Hard or uneven surfaces are not kind to your feet, ankles, knees, hips or back, and any comfort advantage you can get will be appreciated at the end of the day.

Man with workbooks climbing ladder

Stockings are another important part of your kit. Absorbent cotton or cotton poly work socks will keep your feet dry and protect them better from friction inside the boot. A good moisturizer to keep skin supple and careful attention to callouses before they become troublesome will keep you comfy on the job or job site. This is the most important part of occupational health when working around tools and other workplace hazards.

If you are tired or hurting because of foot or postural fatigue, you will be more at risk of inattention or poor balance, which may lead to injury. Be foot smart and work safe.

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