Foot Orthotics: Helpful, Hindrance, or Crutch?

Foot Orthotics

I am constantly surprised by how much controversy there is about the usefulness of foot orthotics. However, it is not without a healthy amount of skepticism. There are so many medical advances and people constantly trying to sell you something that the patient can feel more like a customer. We welcome the skepticism as the…

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Rocker Soles: Pros, Cons, and the 6 Types

Running on treadmill wearing running shoes with rocker soles. Walking shoes and the 6 types of rocker soles.

Rocker soles are an integral component of any modern walking or running shoe. While there are many features to look for in a “walking shoe,” we’re going to be examining specifically the rocker sole. What is a rocker sole? Well, there are six variations to consider, but essentially, the common feature is that they add…

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