Foot Orthotics – Help, Hindrance, or Crutch?

Foot Orthotics

I am constantly surprised by how much controversy there is about the usefulness of foot orthotics. Unfortunately, people often do not discriminate between readymade and custom-molded devices. Even custom-made devices can be vastly different from one another depending on who made them and what type of shoe they will be used in. An orthotic for…

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The Ups and Downs of Rocker Soles

Running on treadmill wearing running shoes with rocker soles.

We are often asked about rocker soles and whether they are ‘right for me’. Certainly, rocker-soled shoes have been advertised as having great health benefits for toning muscles and aiding fitness, but is this fact or fiction? Rocker soles have been around for a long time as a feature in certain shoes, especially sports and…

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