How Often Do I Need to Replace Custom Orthotics?

multiple variations of foot orthotics

When people get new foot orthotics, they want to know how long they will last. This is a very individual issue. We normally say that depending on the size and weight of the person, their activity level and how much they wear the appliances, they should get 2-5 years from them. Of course, there are…

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Foot Orthotics – Help, Hindrance, or Crutch?

Foot Orthotics

I am constantly surprised by how much controversy there is about the usefulness of foot orthotics. The analogy I use most often is that they are much like eyeglasses except you must walk on them. In this respect they work when you wear them and like glasses must be worn as much as possible to…

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Advice for Plantar Fasciitis Relief: What It Is and How You Can Get Rid of It, 5 Questions to Ask Yourself

plantar fasciitis and some advice for treating it

Often, people ask whether conditions like Plantar Fasciitis (PF) will ever get better. Plantar fasciitis is simply inflammation (-itis) of the plantar fascia (connective tissue supporting the arch of your foot). It is a syndrome that can be caused by several factors, but ultimately a culmination overuse and abuse of the arch in your foot.…

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