Find a Better Balance

A man trying to keep his balance on a tightrope

Falling isn’t something we usually consider unless we have had one or a close call. But, tell me, where do broken hips and ankles come from? There are many reasons why our balance may be “off” to the point that our safety is compromised. First, there are the external factors. A wrinkle in the entry…

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Neuropathy … Can You Feel That?

Woman holding painful foot indicating foot neuropathy.

As Pedorthists, we have always worked with clients who have neuropathy. For the most part, these people have usually had Diabetes or impairment of sensation from injuries or surgeries. In the past few years, we have seen increasing numbers of people with what is commonly called ‘idiopathic neuropathy’, which means no known or obvious cause.…

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Structured Movement

A woman is stretching, using structured movement, to alleviate pain in her ankle, knee, hip or back.

In my practice of treating biomechanical and postural issues, I often see problems associated with underlying imbalances. Ankle, knee, hip or back restrictions or malalignments can be indicators of disability and compensation. Often, there is a need for specific stretching or exercise to mobilize and strengthen stiff or weak structures. It sometimes seems like the…

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